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    Frequently asked questions

    Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

    In case you are unable to use the on-site contact support feature, you can contact us through email support(at)rustcases.com

    My deposit is taking long
    Balance from deposits is usually added within minutes after payment, make sure to refresh the page to see if your balance hasn't been updated already. In rare scenarios the deposits may take up to an hour, be sure to checkout your e-wallet history or your bank statements if the payment actually went through.
    My item is stuck at withdrawing
    Wait at least one hour and refresh the page if the item is still stuck at withdrawing create a support ticket.
    I'm constantly getting errors while withdrawing
    Make sure that you have entered correct trade url to your Steam profile, your Steam inventory has to be public and you need to have Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled for more then 15 days. Check out this Steam help page for more information about your Steam trading status https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWhyCantITrade
    My payment information has been denied by one of the payment providers
    We are unable to help you with this issue, to find out more you need to contact the payment provider.