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    Provably Fair (PF) is an algorithm which is used to prove that all results and chances on RustCases.com are equally random. In other words, you can be sure that there is no way to cheat the system and all users have same chances to get an expensive item.

    We are confident that we have one of the most transparent and honest PF systems on the market.

    On RustCases.com you can:

    • Check the history of chances and case prices. It makes it impossible to customize the odds for particular users.
    • Check other users drops, which means that other players winnings couldn't have been falsified.
    • Check the history of client and server seeds. Data can be verified anytime by anyone.

    Here’s a quick explanation of how the PF algorithm works on RustCases.com:

    • Complete transparency and fairness of the PF system are achieved through a special random algorithm.
    • Provably Fair validation mechanism depends on Server seed, Client seed and Nonce. These parameters create Roll, which is used to define the result.
    • You won't be able to see server seed at the moment of case opening or an upgrade, but you will be able to see it after the session. This is needed for the sake of safety.
    • To check roll generation algorithm source code and verify Provably Fair functionality, follow this URL (the algorithm is based on this article).